killtestがVMware VCA6-DCV 资格1V0-601対策テキストを提供できます

1V0-601試験過去問教材に合格させました。弊社のホームページでソフトのデモをダウンロードして利用してみます。我々の商品はあなたの認可を得られると希望します。ご購入の後、我々はタイムリーにあなたにVMwareの1V0-601試験過去問ソフトの更新情報を提供して、あなたの備考過程をリラクスにします。今の人材が多い社会中に多くの業界は人材不足でたとえばIT業界はかなり技術的な人材が不足で、VMwareの1V0-601試験過去問はIT技術の認証試験の1つで、KilltestはVMwareのVMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals試験過去問に関するの特別な技術を持ってサイトでございます。

Share some VCA6-DCV 1V0-601 exam questions and answers below.
What are two features of vSphere 6.x that helpaddress the availability challenges that organizations

face?(Choose two.)

A. Deploying from Templates

B. Host Profiles

C. High Availability

D. Fault Tolerance

Answer: C, D


VMware vSphere 6 will provide customers with a highly available, resilient, on-demand cloud

infrastructure to run, protect and manage any application

VMware vSphere 6 appealing due to the new availability and fault tolerance capabilities for protecting

applications on-premises.



What is the minimum number of virtual NICs that you can configure for a virtual machine?

A. Four

B. One

C. Zero

D. Two

Answer: C

Explanation: Virtual machines can be configured with 1 to 4 NICs.


Which two issues do organizations hope to solve with Data Center Virtualization? (Choose two.)

A. High inefficiency of the Data Center

B. High operating expenses

C. Low bandwidth utilization

D. Increased CPU utilization

Answer: A, B

Explanation: This concept can be implemented across legacy hardware, infrastructure systems and data

centers—or with additional OEM support, throughout the data center of the future—to create a dynamic

data center where operating expenses can be balanced in real time with service level agreements and

forecasts to maximize ROI and minimize risk.

Including CPU power, memory power, system board power, system power and rack power.



Which storage feature allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage classes

in the Software-Defined Data Center?

A. VMware Certificate Authority


C. Platform Services Controller

D. Storage Policy-Based Management

Answer: D

Explanation: Storage-Policy Based Management

Allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage class of service automation via a

policy-driven control plane.


Which vSphere 6.x feature enables you to mitigate the effects of storage latency during peak load

periods in a virtualized data center?



C. Network I/O Control

D. Virtual SAN

Answer: D