Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-101 最新試験問題集


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Which publication contains detailed pricing and configuration information on new products introduced by NetApp?

A. product bulletin

B. Tech OnTap newsletter

C. product performance report

D. Spotlight Presentation

Answer: A

When competing in a data center with EMC or HDS, it is imperative that you know and understand the customer environment and requirement. This knowledge helps you ascertain whether or not it is cost effective to pursue the opportunity. In which three situations should you walk away and NOT spend time competing for the “opportunity”? (Choose three.)

A. The opportunity is a large SAN with multiple hosts.

B. The opportunity has native mainframe connectivity requirements.

C. The applications require instantaneous failover with no performance impact.

D. The opportunity requires synchronous replication with a distance greater than 100 kilometers.

E. The opportunity is a large NAS with multiple hosts.

Answer: B,C,D

What are two ways in which NetApp solutions can help businesses? (Choose two.)

A. by improving business processes

B. by adopting new technology

C. by gaining a competitive advantage

D. by lowering the hardware requirements

Answer: A,C

What are three ways a unified platform increases storage efficiency? (Choose three.)

A. simplifies storage management and administration

B. reduces the footprint by providing one system for primary and secondary storage requirements

C. reduces the amount of data to be backed up

D. simplifies the infrastructure by providing a single solution for multiple protocols

E. reduces the time required to complete backups and restores

Answer: A,B,D

What is the definition of an RPO?

A. the acceptable amount of data lost during recovery

B. the acceptable length of time it takes to recover

C. the ability to recover from a backup

D. the acceptable length of time it takes to complete a backup

Answer: A

勉強者はお金がかかでも、ベスト値打ちがありますので、今すぐKilltestのNS0-101試験参考書を購入しましょう.我々は世界中でのお客様に高級なNetwork Appliance例題試験参考書を特に提供します。Killtestの製品によって、認定された専門家になれます。多くの時間と労力をかかってNetwork ApplianceNetwork Appliance NACA Certification認定試験に合格するを冒険にすると代わりKilltestが提供した問題集を利用してわずか一度お金かかって合格するのは価値があるでしょう。今の社会の中で時間がそんなに重要で最も保障できるKilltestを選ばましょう。

現在、IT業界での激しい競争に直面している勉強者は、無力に感じるでしょう。これは避けられないことですから、勉強者がしなければならないことは、自分のキャリアを護衛するのです。色々な選択がありますが、KilltestのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-101試験問題集と解答をお勧めします。それは勉強者が成功認定を助ける良いヘルパーですから、勉強者はまだ何を待っているのですか。早く最新のKilltestのNS0-101試験問題集を取りに行きましょう。