killtestのCisco CCNP Collaboration 300-075 問題集の正解率が95%を維持できるようになるまで繰り返す

多くのCiscoの300-075試験問題集準備している受験生がいろいろな300-075試験問題集についてサービスを提供するサイトオンラインがみつけたがKilltestはIT業界トップの専門家が研究した参考材料で権威性が高く、品質の高い教育資料で、一回に参加する受験者も合格するのを確保いたします。Killtestサイトは絶対信頼できるのはサイトなんです。Killtestは全面的な参考書を提供し、専門的な知識を理解するための基盤となるため、受験者や企業にたいへん人気があります。高い品質の問題集を提供できて、Killtest試験問題集は代表的なもので、最新のIT資格資料を提供することができます。そして、CCNP Collaboration資格300-075参考書の的中率は98%になります。Killtestの試験教育資料を選びるのです。私は自分の夢を実現することを助けることができない。勉強者もIT関連の夢、早くKilltest試験対策資料の选択その夢が葉う。

KilltestCCNP Collaboration認定資格トレーニング300-075試験過去問の関係の資格を持っても有効となるようなものがあれば、Killtestが手伝うことができます。IT資格を選んだ勉強者は現状に自己満足することはきっとないですね。現在、どの資格の競争でも激しくなっていて、IT資格も例外ないですから、目標を立ったら勇気を持って目標を達成するために頑張るべきです。その中で、Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 v1.0試験過去問に受かることも競争力があるモードです。CiscoCCNP Collaboration資格300-075試験過去問に合格したら、勉強者のITキャリアには明るい未来があるようになります。勉強者を助けるために、我々のKilltestは真実かつ正確なトレーニング資料を提供します。Killtest試験問題集を利用したら、勉強者はきっと自分の理想を実現することができます。
Share some CCNP Collaboration 300-075 exam questions and answers below.
Which two options are configuration steps on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that are used when integrating with VCS Expressway servers? (Choose two.)

A. allowing numeric dialing from Cisco phones to Expressway

B. configuring a device pool with video feature enabled

C. allowing dialing to Expressway domain from Cisco phones

D. creating an application user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager with assigned privileges

E. adding the Expressway servers to the Application Servers list

Answer: A, C

Which sign is prefixed to the number in global call routing?

A. –

B. +

C. #

D. @

E. &

F. *

Answer: B

Company X has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster and a VCS Control server with video endpoints registered on both systems. Users find that video endpoints registered on Call manager can call each other and likewise for the endpoints registered on the VCS server. The administrator for Company X realizes he needs a SIP trunk between the two systems for any video endpoint to call any other video endpoint. Which two steps must the administrator take to add the SIP trunk? (Choose two.)

A. Set up a SIP trunk on Cisco UCM with the option Device-Trunk with destination address of the VCS server.

B. Set up a subzone on Cisco UCM with the peer address to the VCS cluster.

C. Set up a neighbor zone on the VCS server with the location of Cisco UCM using the menu option VCS Configuration > Zones > zone.

D. Set up a SIP trunk on the VCS server with the destination address of the Cisco UCM and Transport set to TCP.

E. Set up a traversal subzone on the VCS server to allow endpoints that are registered on Cisco UCM to communicate.

Answer: A, C

Which option is a benefit of implementing CFUR?

A. CFUR is designed to initiate TEHO to reduce toll charges.

B. CFUR can prevent phones from unregistering.

C. CFUR can reroute calls placed to a temporarily unregistered destination phone.

D. CFUR eliminates the need for COR on an ISR.

Answer: C

Which statement about the function of the "+" symbol in the E.164 format is true?

A. The "+" symbol represents the international country code.

B. The "+" symbol represents the international call prefix.

C. The "+" symbol matches the preceding element one or more times.

D. The "+" symbol matches the preceding element zero or one time.

Answer: B

Which command displays the detailed configuration of all the Cisco Unified IP phones, voice ports, and dial peers of the Cisco Unified SRST router?

A. show call-manager-fallback all

B. show dial-peer voice summary

C. show ephone summary

D. show voice port summary

Answer: A

The VCS Expressway can be configured with security controls to safeguard external calls and endpoints. One such option is the control of trusted endpoints via a whitelist.

Where is this option enabled?

A. on the voice-enabled firewall at the edge of the network

B. on the VCS under Configuration > registration > configuration

C. on the TMS server under Registrations > whitelist

D. on the VCS under System > configuration > Registrations

Answer: B

If delegated credentials checking has been enabled and remote workers can register to the VCS Expressway, which statement is true?

A. H.323 message credential checks are delegated.

B. SIP registration proxy mode is set to On in the VCS Expressway.

C. A secure neighbor zone has been configured between the VCS Expressway and the VCS Control.

D. SIP registration proxy mode is set to Off in the VCS Expressway.

Answer: D

Which two statements regarding IPv4 Static NAT address has been configured on a VCS Expressway are true? (Choose two.)

A. The Advanced Networking or Dual Network Interfaces option key has been installed.

B. VCS rewrites the Layer 3 source address of outbound SIP and H.323 packets to

C. VCS applies to outbound SIP and H.323 payload messages.

D. With static NAT enabled on the LAN2 interface, VCS applies to outbound H.323 and SIP payload traffic exiting the LAN1 interface.

Answer: A, C

What is an advantage of TEHO?

A. TEHO implemented with ISRs eliminates PSTN toll charges.

B. TEHO implemented with ISRs can reduce PSTN toll charges.

C. TEHO implemented with AAR reduces toll charges.

D. TEHO implemented with CFUR reroutes calls.

Answer: B

KilltestのCCNP Collaboration資格の300-075試験問題集は質が良くて値段が安い製品です。我々は低い価格と高品質の模擬問題で受験生の皆様に捧げています。我々は心からあなたが首尾よく試験に合格することを願っています。あなたに便利なオンラインサービスを提供して、CCNP Collaboration資格300-075試験問題集についての全ての質問を解決して差し上げます。CCNP Collaboration資格のImplementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 v1.0試験問題集に合格することは容易なことではなくて、良い訓練ツールは成功の保証でKilltestは君の試験の問題を準備してしまいました。君の初めての合格を目標にします。