Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-101 最新試験,問題集

短い時間に最も小さな努力で一番効果的にNetwork ApplianceのNetwork Appliance NACA Certification試験の準備をしたいのなら、KilltestのNetwork ApplianceのNS0-101試験問題集を利用することができます。Killtestのトレーニング資料は実践の検証に合格すたもので、多くの受験生に証明された98%の成功率を持っている資料です。Killtestを利用したら、あなたは自分の目標を達成することができ、最良の結果を得ます。Network ApplianceのNS0-101試験問題集の認定試験に合格すれば、就職機会が多くなります。この試験に合格すれば君の専門知識がとても強いを証明し得ます。Network ApplianceのNetApp Accredited Sales Professional Exam試験問題集は君の実力を考察するテストでございます。

Share some Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which two does an RTO address? (Choose two.)

A. the time it takes you to recover data after a loss or corruption has occurred

B. the time it takes you to bring an application back online following an outage

C. how much data is lost when you need to recover following an outage

D. the time required to back up your data

Answer: A,B

Which publication contains detailed pricing and configuration information on new products introduced by NetApp?

A. product bulletin

B. Tech OnTap newsletter

C. product performance report

D. Spotlight Presentation

Answer: A

What are three ways a unified platform increases storage efficiency? (Choose three.)

A. simplifies storage management and administration

B. reduces the footprint by providing one system for primary and secondary storage requirements

C. reduces the amount of data to be backed up

D. simplifies the infrastructure by providing a single solution for multiple protocols

E. reduces the time required to complete backups and restores

Answer: A,B,D

What is the definition of an RPO?

A. the acceptable amount of data lost during recovery

B. the acceptable length of time it takes to recover

C. the ability to recover from a backup

D. the acceptable length of time it takes to complete a backup

Answer: A

PartnerCenter provides which three NetApp University learning tools to help partners learn about NetApp and grow their businesses? (Choose three.)

A. Channel Training Web Streams (short videos)

B. Sales EBL Library (SELL)

C. PartnerGear Program

D. technical web events and field training

Answer: A,B,D

In addition to selling the hardware and software for a NetApp solution, which NetApp Global Service should you include?

A. SupportEdge

B. ConsultingEdge

C. CustomerEdge

D. PartnerEdge

Answer: A

What are two ways in which NetApp solutions can help businesses? (Choose two.)

A. by improving business processes

B. by adopting new technology

C. by gaining a competitive advantage

D. by lowering the hardware requirements

Answer: A,C

Which two benefits does DataFort provide customers? (Choose two.)

A. secure virus scanning

B. transparent data encryption

C. application data integrity

D. deployment with no application changes

E. secure data classification

Answer: B,D

When competing in a data center with EMC or HDS, it is imperative that you know and understand the customer environment and requirement. This knowledge helps you ascertain whether or not it is cost effective to pursue the opportunity. In which three situations should you walk away and NOT spend time competing for the “opportunity”? (Choose three.)

A. The opportunity is a large SAN with multiple hosts.

B. The opportunity has native mainframe connectivity requirements.

C. The applications require instantaneous failover with no performance impact.

D. The opportunity requires synchronous replication with a distance greater than 100 kilometers.

E. The opportunity is a large NAS with multiple hosts.

Answer: B,C,D

High performance computing (HPC), data-intensive applications (such as seismic processing, digital image creation and media hosting) demand the ability to scale which two factors to extreme levels? (Choose two.)

A. storage capacity

B. performance

C. clustering

D. Total Cost of Ownership

Answer: A,B


サイトはKilltestです。Killtestのガイダンスとヘルプを通して、初めにNetwork Appliance NACA Certification資格のNetApp Accredited Sales Professional Exam学習資料の認証を受けるあなたは、気楽に試験に合格すことができます。Killtestが提供した問題と解答は現代の活力がみなぎる情報技術専門家が豊富な知識と実践経験を活かして研究した成果で、あなたが将来IT分野でより高いレベルに達することに助けを差し上げます。